The government's motion for an extended state of emergency until November has passed in the parliament. The Leader of the opposition Mrs. Kamla Persad-Bissessar as well as various business sectors have spoken out against the move. We joined the Minister of National Security Fitzgerald Hinds and got his response.

Over the past weeks, several areas across the country have been plagued by heavy rains and floods, some districts are still in clean up mode in the aftermath of the inclement weather. Today, we joined the former President of the United Farmers Union, Shiraz Khan, to tells us of the effects on farmers and a possible increase in food prices as a result.

Primary Health Care Physician Dr. Visham Bhimull spoke with us, to discuss Covid-19 and the rising number of infections as well as the presence of the delta variant in the country.

We discussed the history of athletics in Trinidad and Tobago. We also explored a book that covers the history of athletes from 1990-2019. We were joined by Mr. Bernard Linsley and Mr. Jan Westmass who told us more.

As this great twin island state approaches another anniversary of independence, we reflected on our past and the strides we have made over the years.

In this collaborative segment with NALIS, Dr. Rita Pemberton Lecturer and member of the NALIS Board joined us. Dr. Pemberton is the winner of multiple awards inclusive of the Queen's Jubilee Research Scholar Award in 2013.

Dr. Pemberton discussed the history and progress of our nation as we approach yet another anniversary of independence.