Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley has placed the blame on the current Covid-19 surge on vigils held following the tragic death of Andrea Bharratt. The Prime Minister said "the Opposition paid for organised, night after night, thousands of people to do exactly what the virus wanted which was to bring people together during a pandemic". One of the groups at the forefront.' The Candlelight Movement' has denied any interaction with the Opposition.

Phillip Alexander former Political Leader of the PEP said in a Facebook post last evening that the last time the Candlelight Movement held its last was thirty-three days before the recent Covid spike.

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley said in the Lower House yesterday, ‘they want to seem to run far from that what other Caribbean country you know of fighting Covid outside of Trinidad and Tobago that the Opposition, paid for organised, night after night, thousands of people to do exactly what the virus wanted which was to bring people together during a pandemic and who organise that Madam Speaker? It was organised by the UNC they organised to bring transport to bring people to venue 16.28.24 this particular venue (Saddam Hosein starts shouting to object "these were the families of the victims who were mourning Madam Speaker, Madam Speaker this is imputing improper motives. PM Rowley You can shout as much as you like that happened in this country’


Many sectors in society have upped their activism against Gender-Based Violence following the tragic deaths of Ashtani Riley and Andrea Bharatt. Tomorrow, Queen's Royal College will host a special session entitled ' Red Card Rape Culture'. The virtual event begins at 10 am and will involve activities and discussions aimed at exploring the normalization of sexual violence by males. We heard more about why one of the country's top colleges decided to embark on this journey David Simon Principal of Queen's Royal College and Isaiah Young Head Prefect at the school.


The State of Emergency extension went through its procedural debate in the Lower House yesterday and was made official. On Monday TTPS statistics showed that 24 people were arrested for breaching the emergency regulations of the curfew 39 people were also ticketed for not wearing masks and there were 283 police patrols in the country.

The Commissioner of Police will host a media conference today from 11 am, live coverage will be on TV6. We were joined by Senior Superintendent of the TTPS Wayne Mystar for our usual discussion.


The Ministry of Health says it is already in the process of identifying and training over 100 allied health professionals, such as EMTs, vets and dentists, to assist medical personnel in the administering of COVID vaccines. Meantime, over one thousand pharmacists are on standby to join the State's vaccination drive. President of the Pharmacy Board of Trinidad and Tobago Andrew Rahaman, says the Board is in active talks with the Ministry of Health to be of greater service during the pandemic. We were joined via Zoom by Mr. Rahaman.


The Contractors Association is one of the private sector industries to partner with the Ministry of Health regarding the vaccination drive.

A man is ordered to stay away from his niece...

Writer and performer Kyle Hernandez of Trinidad is receiving death threats, following a performance he did on local television station WESN, where he seemed to insult not only Tobagonians but the national bird of the island.

A number of elderly persons in Tobago 60 years and older, who were not registered to be vaccinated, were turned away for a second day at the three health centres on the island.