We continued to get reactions from the budget submitted by the Deputy Chief Secretary & Secretary of Finance and the Economy Joel Jack in the Tobago House of Assembly. Diane Hadad, President of the Tobago Division, of the T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce chimed in.

The global conversation about identity and belonging, reemerged following the murder of African American George Floyd by police officers in the United States. All around the world, citizens are challenging the merit of norms, statues and symbols as they believe, its time has come to an end.

In T&T, the conversation began long before the international spotlight. The Cross Rhodes Freedom Project has been advocating for the removal on the Christopher Columbus statue long before the world started the conversation. In 2016 they started work on the ground with stakeholders and communities such as Moruga, where some still observe Columbus Day / Discovery Day on August 1st. In 2020, their activism continued and was hoping to gain new ground on the matter, Port of Spain Mayor Joel Martinez. However the Mayor revealed yesterday at a Statutory Meeting of the Council that he was not going to decide whether the controversial statue should be removed from Tamarind Square as previously announced.

We were joined by Shabaka Kambon Director- Cross Rhodes Freedom Project

The Digicel Foundation is continuing its thrust to assist those who are most vulnerable in several areas. They are well known for their work with the Disable community, partnering to ensure no one is left behind. The 'Connecting You Programme' seeks to help bridge the gap to facilitate continued digital education opportunities for in-school youth with disabilities. The communications provider assisted with digital platforms to help the students with their education.

To tell us more about the project were Suzanne Charles, Wharton Patrick's Principal (Ag) and Cindyann Currency- Operations Manager, Digicel Foundation and later on, PrideTT. Even with restrictions, many organizations are finding creative ways to host their events. PrideTT is no exception and will launch their month of events this Friday, from 11.20 am at the Red House. To give us a breakdown of the activities are Eva Chavez- Director & Community Engagement Lead, PrideTT and Rudolph Hanamji Pride TT Chief Coordinator


Election fever is in the air... The country heads to the polls August 10th… Protestors took to the streets against police brutality...

With the Great Race confirmed for next month following concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, the preparations would have already started.