Deputy Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob told TV6 last evening that a new Covid task force is coming specifically to focus on the safe zones.

He said the new task force is set to hit the streets, in time for next weekend. In our Have Your Say segment, we got your feedback. This is what some of you had to say.

The rising cost of food continues to be a familiar refrain in many households especially, during the pandemic. It's no secret that the world economy is taking a beating as a result of Covid-19 as freight and shipping costs explode. Last week we heard from the food distributors and the supermarket association and today, we heard from sheep and goat farmer Shiraz Khan. Yesterday's 'Got Goat Mouth' headline in the Express was a buzz on social media as the article examined the rising cost of the meat favourite.

Mr Khan told the Express that livestock farmers are being hit hard by thieves and Praedial larceny has now worsened said Shiraz Khan Executive member of the T&T Farmers union.

We continued on the economic front but a focus on the business community. As we approach what is usually the busiest shopping period of the year, are business chambers optimistic of patronage?. While certain price items may be rising in some stores, businesses say they too are feeling the pinch with higher freight and shipping costs. We heard from President of the Chaguanas Business Chamber Richie Sookhai.

As customary on a Tuesday, we chat with Acting Senior Superintendent Wayne Mystar. We focused on personal safety tips especially that the state of emergency has been lifted and movement will be on the increase.

Additionally, we heard in our newscast a short while ago news of a new Covid-19 task force by the TTPS.

We were joined by a couple of guests to tell us more about the Big Data Forum 2021. It's described as "an eclectic mix of Government Ministers with responsibility for shaping key sectors using technology". The forum runs from November 30th to December 1st and features twelve sessions with wide-ranging speakers.

We are joined by Professor Jesse Davis and he will discuss how Artificial Intelligence is used to analyze the performance of top-tier football players.Srdan Deric is the Team Leader at the UN Resident Coordinator's Office in POS and has been instrumental in planning the Big Data Forum for a second year in a row. The professor is also the co-founder of the KU Leuven spin-off RunEASI a wearable tech company. Also with us is Srdan Deric , the eam Leader at the UN Resident Coordinator's Office in POS who has been instrumental in planning the Big Data Forum for a second year in a row.

Now that the State of Emergency has been lifted ,there are not only countless opportunities for businesses but also entertainment. While the word is still out on a carnival 2022 , stakeholders are planning ahead with various events in keeping with the Covid-19 protocols and regulations. Let's hear more from a man who has worn many hats when it comes to art , music and festivals...Mr. John Arnold joins us now and he is currently the Chairman of Music TT.


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