There is a lot on the political front ,from Patriotic Energies and Technologies, The THA Deadlock to issues related to gender-Based Violence. That is why were joined in studio by Minister of Youth Development & National Services Fitzgerald Hinds. He is also the Member of Parliament for Laventille West.

Senior Superintendent Wayne Mystar joined us for our weekly conversation, safety and security tips with the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

As scaled down as it may have been, various communities and organizations held their own carnival celebration without the funding of the government. For years, many have argued that the masses should play a greater stake in hosting the activities and not the government. Is this one of the topics to be discussed at the University of West Indies next symposium? Beginning tomorrow until Friday, The University of the West Indies will host a Virtual Research & Arts Symposium ' Panchayat': The Mas(s) in We: (Re)claiming de People's Festival.

It can be viewed on The UWI St. Augustine's YouTube Channel for the wider public. Who will be a part and what exactly are the objectives? Jessel Murray Senior Lecturer of Music in the Department of Creative & Festival Arts and Deputy Dean for Distance and Outreach joined us.

Gender-based Violence is once again in the spotlight, following the tragic deaths of two young women a few weeks a part. We want to begin a series of conversations with the United Nations Women as we seek to educate and promote a society less prone to violent behaviour. According to statistics by a survey conducted by the United Nations, 44% of women have experienced Intimate Partner Violence in their lifetime specifically physical, sexual, emotional and economic.63% of the women surveyed were beaten as children and 64% were insulted or humiliated as children.

We began our conversations against the setting, what is Gender-Based Violence and how does this affected our relationships going forward? To assist us, we were joined by the UN Women's Multi-Country Office Caribbean Representative, Tonni Brodber who is currently based in Barbados.