In this installment of Morning Edition for Wednesday 23rd December, 2020... daily paid workers at the Water and Sewage Authority (WASA) protested outside the Authority's Head Office in St. Joseph yesterday, compound over management's decision not to pay them an early sick-leave bonus. Workers say this is owed to them for not taking more than two of their allocated 14 sick days. In a statement issued last evening the Authority said it recognized the payment of bonuses for not utilizing more than two sick days is part of the collective agreement. WASA further stated it is committed to meeting the obligations as communicated in their December 15th letter to the National Union Of Government Federated Workers.

Meantime, the Ministry of Local Government and Rural development Senator Kazim Hosein grants approval for $1 Million Dollars Per Municipal Corporation to Combat Water Shortages. How confident are we that the pending restructuring of WASA can address the critical issue of supply and demand? Minister of Public Utilities Marvin Gonzales joined us.

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley will address the nation this afternoon from 2:30, live coverage will be on TV6. We found out what would you like to hear from the PM.

For the creative sector, bringing your ideas to life would have proven to be even more difficult during the pandemic. However this has not stopped the few who in spite of a reduction or a lack of sponsorship in some cases, from creating productions for our consumption. Trevon Jugmohan Actor, Producer, Director who has an ongoing online production entitled ' The Lion In Winter '. It's his first play following to tragic death of his mentor Raymond Choo Kong. The online production is free and the population is asked to support its efforts via a GoFundMe page. Trevon spoke to Fazeer and gave more insight into this production.

We were joined by Mrs. Karimah Abdur- Rashid the Creative Director of Unasu Sankofa Creations. They're hosting a series of one-day workshops until January 4th. Topics include; Bed sheet set Making, Garment construction and curtain making. The cost is $400.

New music release by Patricia 'Dynamic Diva' Smith, someone who is no stranger with the entertainment world. She has ventured into just about every genre including Chutney and is a staple at the Icons calypso Tent. Her new song is entitled ' We Paranging' and Ms. Smith joined us now.


PNM Tobago Council Political Leader Tracy Davidson-Celestine is tonight urging Tobagonians to vote for the only stable party come next Monday, the PNM.

In a bid to broaden the conversation on eradicating street dwelling, the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services has met with various entities in the private corporate sector.

Guyana's Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs says his country views Venezuela's claim to the Essiquibo region as an act of aggression.

Two men are charged after allegedly trying to break into a Maraval Gym and a woman was robbed on Independence Square.