T&T's Covid-19 death toll continues to average in the double digits and it's a worrying sign for health-care professionals. On Friday, the death toll rose by eleven to 1,919, on Saturday a record high of twenty-eight deaths took the total to 1,947 and on Sunday, twenty more deaths pushed the death toll to 1,967. Active cases are also on the rise, the Ministry of Health recorded 404 new cases, from samples taken during the period November 17th to 20th , that gives us a total of 8,611 active cases. Out of the 5,830 patients in the parallel healthcare system, 5,346 are not fully vaccinated. Is there anything else we can do to better protect ourselves and what does the death toll say about our overall approach health and lifestyle?

We were joined by The Public Relations Officer of the Medical Association Dr. Keegan Baggan. He is a Primary Care Physician II, St. George Central County, North West Regional Health Authority.

Was it a weekend to remember for members of the Bar industry? Barkeepers and Owners Association president Satesh Moonasar was very hopeful ahead of the weekend for heightened activity now that the state of emergency has been lifted. According to the Association, business has been slow since the start of the safe zone initiative and non-curfew hours should be a great boost for business. Mr. Moonasar joined us.

In our Have Your Say segment, we heard from you on the Covid-19 management.

It's time for our Business Breakfast segment and we want to thank Value Optical for their continued support and partnership. Launched in 2020, Unqueue is a suite of software and services, created in T&T that offers a range of services to businesses. Creators say they are more than just a marketplace and come Saturday, they are hosting an online event from 9 am.

They have teamed up with Bits and Pieces, the category goes live on the Unqueue app and on www.unqueue.shop on Saturday and they'll deliver the items to shoppers anywhere in Trinidad by the end of the day. Our guests, were Cyan Sylvester Unqueue's Product Experience Manager and Vanessa Dalla Costa Founder, Bits and Pieces.

Thirty one years of existence, that's how long the Roxborough Police Youth Club has been reaching out to young people in their community. The club has had many successes in the cultural, community, academic and sporting areas and is the recipient of the national Hummingbird Medal Silver. They have embarked on a few projects to commemorate their thirty first anniversary and they include; the Reconstruction of a Wall of Fame as well as a virtual awards ceremony, We were joined by leader of the club Collis Hazel Leader and member Lloyen Scotland.

Coming down to the end of the year usually indicates the busiest commercial activity in the world. Just about everyone is trying to woo the hearts of the consumer with bargain prices and the Vendors Collaborative is no different. It ends on December 24th, they're located at Excellent Uptown Plaza. Giving us more details were Dulcie Furlonge of JD Collection, Marcia Seales-Rodney of Afrocessories and Patrice Primus of Chow Nation.

It's time for our candidate's forum and we were joined by Denise Tsoiafatt-Angus, leader of the newly formed Innovative Democratic Alliance.


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