We start today's Morning Edition with news that two fishermen from Carli Bay have been missing at sea since Monday night.

Relatives and other fishermen mounted pirogues to conduct their own searches, and they believed they recovered one of the bodies yesterday afternoon, the body has not been identified. TV6 News Cindy Raghubar-Teekersingh filed this report.

We were joined by Councillor for Sangre Grande North East Paul Mongolas. He told us more about a virtual academic fair taking place tomorrow from 8 am, good morning councillor.

Tokyo 2020 is here and Team TTO is in action this evening from 8:40 pm. Felice Aisha Chow will compete in the Rowing women's single skull heat, TTOC President Brian Lewis joined us.

We were joined by Joseph Richardson, President - Team Leader of Haig Community United, formerly known as the Guave Road Farmers. Back in 2018, the farmers were given 122 acres of agricultural land from the Chaguaramas Development Authority and vested in the Ministry of Agriculture, for leasing to farmers. For the most part the farmers and the CDA have enjoyed a cordial relationship however last week the farmers say the CDA blocked the entrance to their land. According to the farmers the situation intensified yesterday and claimed that CDA officers invaded their lands, Mr. Richards joined us and gave our audience an update.

We placed the focus on arts and entertainment. Curtis Collins joined us, giving our home and online audience more about his virtual piano and music theory classes.

It's time for our Artiste's Forum and we placed the focus on the Blessed Love Riddim. We were joined by Singer/ songwriter Savanna who was on this show before to release her debut track, her offering on the Blessed Love Riddim us entitled "untraditional" and we are joined Singer/Songwriter Collis Duranty with his 'feel good' song on the riddim entitled It's Alright.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused hardship for many households, as breadwinners lost jobs and income.

Tobago-born Hollywood actor Winston Duke is giving a helping hand, inspiring hope in Trinbagonians in a tangible way, although he's thousands of miles away.

The former Argyle resident and his mother, Cora Pantin, also known as "Mama Coco" have embarked on a food distribution drive, to help local residents through the pandemic. Elizabeth Williams spoke with Ms. Pantin in Los Angeles for this report.


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