On Friday, President General of the OWTU, the parent company of Patriotic Energies and Technologies denied that their deal included a 700,000,000 investment by government.

Minister of Finance Colm Imbert in a media release said that Patriotic appeared to have a complete misunderstanding of the true nature of transferable tax credits as compared to tax concessions or incentives to industry.

We were joined on set by Ozzi Warwick- Director at Patriotic Energies and Technologies and Trevor Johnson the General Secretary of BIGWU and the assistant general secretary of JTUM joined us via Zoom.

It's almost one year since T&T recorded it's first Covid-19 case, which quickly brought on restrictions affecting every area of our lives. Sectors on the decline were wounded while those who had a bit more leverage were debilitated. Areas such as tourism are still struggling to get back on their feet with the continued closure of the borders. We heard from one stakeholder in Tobago, Mrs. Jacqueline Yorke Westcott-Owner and Executive Chairman of Mount Irvine Bay Resort. She is a also a Director of the Tobago Hotel and Tourism Association.

Let's get some more views on the Covid-19 Vaccination rollout. The Minister of Health announced that frontline workers will take priority along with those in vulnerable groups. Vaccinations were also administered in Tobago over the weekend, to 34 frontline workers.

The Minister added that preparations are underway for the public to receive vaccinations come March. Over the weekend, the Government gave the green-light for the resumption of outdoor group, contact sports under specific Covid-19 protocols.

We got the view of Primary Health-care Physician and someone who has been writing articles on the Covid-19 pandemic since inception Dr. Visham Bhimull and also a regional perspective from someone who has had both covid-19 shots, Dr. Chela Lamsee-Ebanks Head of Pediatric Department, Cayman Islands Health Services Authority.

We heard from you, during our open forum segment. This is what some of you had to say.


A mother and father have been arrested, for allegedly abusing their children.

Well there was lots of track and field this weekend, the N-3-A's held another trial event for local athletes training during COVID-19 on Sunday.