In this installment of Morning Edition, the Ministry of Health has expressed concern over the new strain of Covid-19 discovered un the United Kingdom. The following updated protocols will now apply to persons coming from the United Kingdom into Trinidad and Tobago, where the time between the date of departure and the date of arrival into Trinidad and Tobago is 14 days or less.

1. A negative PCR test within 72 hrs prior to travelling (also necessary for all persons entering Trinidad and Tobago at this time).

2. A mandatory 14 day quarantine period to be spent in a state or state supervised facility.

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh joined us.

While commercial activity may not been as frequent as in years gone by, personal safety remains a top priority this Christmas Season. Senior Superintendent Wayne Mystar was here to give us some gentle reminders as we shop or on the move, during the holiday period.

The annual event, 'I Love My Community' hosted by the Single Fathers Association is now in its tenth year. It's on Sunday in Cunupia and is free to the public.

Rhondall Feeles and Sgt. Jacey Small of TTPS were here to tell us details on how the event is going down even during a pandemic.

"Lopinot Lopinot" is a new single out, Executive Produced and Co-Written by Tyrone J. Thomas with Carlene Wells on the lead vocals. The song came about as a result of a cancelled School Tour/Field Trip to the Lopinot Historical Complex as a result of Covid-19 protocols. Ms. Wells, is the Youth Officer of the NGO, Universal Edu and Hospitality TnT Foundation founded by Mr. Thomas. The Parang song praises the rich culture the community has to offer and Tyrone Thomas were here to tell us more.


Pnm Tobago Council Political Leader Tracy Davidson-Celestine, is sending a message to PDP Deputy Political Leader Farley Augustine, that he should not trust PDP leader Watson Duke.

A three hundred and fifty million dollar Argyle Falls Resort, hotel and town houses, to be established in Roxborough Tobago.

If you were at Maracas Beach today you would have noticed a heavy police presence as they insisted on strict adherence to road safety and health regulations.