We are joined Assistant General Secretary of JTUM and Secretary General of NATUC Michael Annisette to get their view on the call by the President of the Industrial Court for a return to the tripatite arrangement. Some union members have said they WILL NOT go back but let's get the views of these gentlemen this morning.

The Divers Association of TT is calling for greater focus on the needs of the workers. They say Management is neglecting the local stakeholders in its business arrangements. To tell us more we are joined by vice president of the Association Antonio O'Connor.

We are joined by Henrique Anderson, the Manager of Agencies & Direct Sales at Sagicor and we are here to talk about inflation. While it may seem a bit strange for an insurance company to highlight a daily issue such as inflation for Sagicor, it's about educating clients on the underlying risks inflation may pose. Mr. Anderson joins us via zoom to share the details, thank you for being with us.

Dr Catherine Minto-Bain joins us for another episode of Fertility Step by Step. Dr. Minto-Bain is the Medical Director and Fertility Doctor, Trinidad and Tobago IVF & Fertility Centre. They offer a full range of world class fertility solutions for couples having trouble conceiving a baby.

Today we're going to talk about a condition known as Secondary Infertility. I want to hand over to Dr Catherine right away so she can explain what this is and how fertility doctors can help.

UNICEF is partnering with stakeholders to assist young people in making a positive change. U-Report is a messaging tool is free and is being implemented by the Gender and Child Affairs Division of the Office of the Prime Minister, who is the key implementing partner. U-Report is present in other Caribbean islands and recently signed a memorandum of agreement with the UWI St. Augustine campus.

We are joined by Camille Bethel, U-Report Coordinator for Trinidad and Tobago, Jeremy Baptiste, U-Ambassador/Trinidad Youth Council representative on the U-Report Youth Committee and Priyanka Lalla/ Chair of the Child Rights Ambassador Sub Committee/ U-Report Main Steering Committee Member.

For our final interview we will focus on a fundraising event hosted by Queen's Hall. ' Together' is happening on Republic Day from 6 pm and the well known entertainment space, will be transformed by artist and creative visionary Brian Mac Farlane.

There will also be a live runway show and red carper for specially invited guests. The cost of the event is $500. and we are joined on set by Garfield George General Manager Queen's Hall and Stacey Weekes Benjamin Designer Diane Carlton Designs.

This is how we wrap up today's show but before we go here is a look at the weather update.

FOR THE PERIOD: Today until Midnight


Cloudy to overcast with periods of light to moderate showers or rain occurring in broad areas. There is a 70% (high) chance of heavy showers and thunderstorms in varying localities. These conditions will persist overnight.

Gusty winds and street/flash flooding are likely in areas of heavy showers/thunderstorms. Adverse Weather Alert #1 - Yellow Level is in effect.

We invite you to join us from 9:30 this evening for ME PRIME. We leave you with this image of Macqueripe beach.


PDP leader Watson Duke has been given 14 days to respond to attorneys representing his once …