Government took their vaccinate to operate slogan a bit further this week as vaccine rollout is now available in one hundred and seven health centres. Two additional mass vaccination sites have been added and private sector partnership rollout continues at specified sites.

Also added to the plate is the vaccination of persons eighteen years and older against the Covid-19 virus. We were joined by Dr. Allana Best, County Medical Officer of Health, St. Andrew / St. David.

We opened the phone lines to get your views on the ramped up vaccination drive and Covid-19 management. This is what some of you had to say./

We placed the focus on education. This year commemorates the 20th anniversary of Bishop Anstey High School East and Trinity College East. The expansion of the schools in East Trinidad was an initiative of the Anglican Diocese in Trinidad and Tobago, the school boosts of academic as well as extra-curricular excellence.

We were joined by two representatives of the schools Nicole Boodhan-Thomas, the Acting Principal of Bishop Anstey East and Brian Wickham, the Principal Trinity College East.

When most of what we do has shifted online, cyber security is definitely a conversation we should be having more frequently. The Department of Computing and Information Technology at the University of West Indies is seeking to introduce this knowledge to our younger population. They are hosting a CyberSecurity BootCamp geared towards forms four, five and six students.

We were joined by Dr. Koffka Khan, Lecturer Computer Science, Department of Computer and Information Technology to give us more details.

Joining us on Morning Edition are the winner and the runner up at the recently concluded Girls Power Tech event hosted by Digicel Foundation. One of the main features was the Hackathon where the participants developed technology-based solutions for social challenges. The event was hosted under the theme 'The Next-Gen of Women'. To tell us more were Penny Gomez CEO Digicel Foundation and Aasiyah Regis-Glasgow who placed first, she represented SJCSF Trouble Shooters and runner up, Anuradha Ramroop who represented Humanitarian Teen Tech Problem Solvers.

We are less than two weeks away from the Emancipation Day holiday on August 1st. As usual the Emancipation Committee has a host of activities including workshops on Drumology, theatre and music, all virtually leading up to the day.

Telling us about the events are Dr. Claudius Fergus: Director of Education and Research and Jacqui Burgess: Director of Culture.


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