The Covid-19 pandemic continues to leave it's mark in T&T with rising cases and deaths in both islands. The country has 6649 active cases, 100 of those cases are from the sister isle. A state of emergency was declared by the Prime Minister on Saturday with a curfew in effect from 9 pm- 5 am. Only essential workers with a TTPS pass and authorized letter from their employer will be allowed access during those hours.

The move has gained praise in many quarters including the business community as some, were calling for stricter measures prior to the announcement. There are calls for the curfew hours to be a bit tougher and for the vaccination drive to be ramped up, as the country deals with another Covid-19 wave. We got the perspective on how things have gone so far for businesses in various parts of the country since the commencement of the SOE, we were joined by Diane Hadad- Chairperson, Tobago Division of the T&T Chamber, Vivek Charran, President of the San Juan Business Association and Reval Chattergoon- President, Arima Business Association.


Vaccination is said to be our greatest weapon against the Covid-19 virus. The current surge has seen a rapid increase in daily infections and deaths due to the community spread according to officials. Well Councilor Terry Rondon for the Valencia East/Toco district is seeking to encourage more persons to participate in the vaccination drive. He is set to begin a hamper distribution drive in the area with the hope of combating vaccine hesitancy among residents.


The World Health Organsiation encourages countries to inoculate the most at risk first. It welcomes the Pfizer donation and explains how countries will be chosen for distribution.

A 36 year-old man dies of COVID-19 after calling relatives in the wee hours of the morning saying his oxygen was out and there was no one around. His widow, also COVID positive is calling on you to get vaccinated.

New coach Angus Eve is getting some welcomed support from the National Coaches Association as he gets set to take up his caretaker role in charge of the National team...