As promised by the government, further restrictions have been relaxed with the aim of boosting the economy. Commercial flights to and from the country began last Saturday and restaurants and street food resumed services the public yesterday.

We got some feedback from members of the Business community, as we were joined by Mukesh Ramsingh- President, Couva /Point Lisas Chamber of Commerce, Diane Hadad- Chair, Tobago Division of the T&T Chamber of Industry & Commerce and

Hassel Thom- President - Trinidad Hotels, Restaurants and Tourism Association.

We keep our focus on the easing of restrictions but this time, from a policing perspective. Was it a smooth experience with the reopening of the borders and food industry for the TTPS? Senior Superintendent Wayne Mystar joined us.

Rumours about a fee increase at the University of Trinidad and Tobago first surfaced just about a week, when students made it public via posts on various social media platforms.

In an official statement from the University it stated that a meeting transpired with key stakeholders including students, to discuss matters related to the increase in registration fees.

The President Professor Prakash Persad proposed that the increase be incremental over three years. Over 90 per cent of the students in attendance supported this three year incremental increase according to impromptu polls during the Zoom meeting.

We heard from Kriss Hosein, Public Relations Officer, Executive Student Guild at UTT.

Border reopening speaks to travel and why not visit a destination in the region. The nature isle of Dominica is seeking to expand their reach in T&T and is offering specials for the first one hundred bookings. So, how does the Dominican experience during Covid-19 differ from times in the past? We were joined by Samantha Letang Marketing Executive at the Discover Dominica Authority and Denise Charles Minister for Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Initiatives.


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