Is more consultation needed on the Government's revitalisation plan for the capital city? Stakeholders and the public at large have been weighing in on the issue, since it's announcement on Monday. We got the view of one government Minister, Fitzgerald Hinds. Minister of Youth Development and National Service and Member of Parliament for Laventille West.

Well Ian Murray of the Labour Warriors is one of a number of candidates trying to dethrone Watson Duke in the now December 14th PSA Election. A court ruling earlier this week, pushed back the long awaited election yet again. News of the date change even got physical at PSA Headquarters, when opposing factions gathered. Can the Labour Warriors unite a divided Public Services Association? Mr. Ian Murray discussed the latest with Morning Edition host Fazeer Mohammed.

International Men's Day was founded by University of the West Indies lecturer Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh on 1999. Since then many groups and organizations world wide have hosted events, to meet the varying needs of males. It's no secret that there are many more events catered to women than that of males but, is the gap closing or widening?

November 19th is a memorable day in T&T but did you also know that it is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Day? The month of November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and the John E Sabga Foundation is doing its part to raise awareness. They're hosting the foundation's 4th Distinguished Lecture Series, founder Natalie Sabga joined us to help spread awareness about he disease.

Let's put the focus on arts and entertainment. The Global Peace Challenge was launched on January 1st and in October, hosted an online event with 40 performers. Representing T&T is Rapper Kareem Daniel Ryce also known as Split Mind. The concept was sponsored under the Peace Abbey, a charitable organization, based in Millis, Massachusetts. We were joined by Tom Connors Founder of Global Peace Challenge and Kareem Daniel Ryce, who also told us about is event, the Digital Artistic Innovation Series.