On today's show...Fitzgerald Hinds Member of Parliament for Laventille West and Minister in the Ministry of the Attorney General has been reappointed as the Minister of Public Utilities...he joins us after the break.

Also.. Franka Costelloe President of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers' Association was with us as the sector gets ready to reopen on Thursday.

In the midst of trying to maintain the public compliance with the Covid-19 regulation...police officers have to still engage in Crime Fighting measures. According to the Express, the murder toll is now at 180.  How is the police service managing in the execution of their duties? We were joined by Acting Superintendent Wayne Mystar.

A couple weeks ago we chatted with a Tobago-born Virologist in Las Vegas. Today, we linked up with Kathy Sienko, a Fyzabad Native who is now the Chief Nursing Officer at Aldara Hospital in Saudi Arabia and we were joined by Imam Sheraz Ali from the Nur E Islam Mosque to give us a perspective on the Ramadan experience been during Covid-19


A candle left unattended, is the cause for Monday morning's fatal fire in Tobago. The 1.7 million dollar structure was destroyed.

Almost a year after the Finance Minister first announced that the Government will be giving LED bulbs to 400,000 households in Trinidad and Tobago free of charge, distribution of the bulbs is set to begin Tuesday.

Within days of updating its guidance to accept that COVID-19 can be airborne, the US Centers for Disease Control, CDC, reverses its position.

Here’s a special feature on the upcoming fiscal 2020/21 Budget to be presented on the 5th of October.