For many, the saga that hovers over the Tobago House of Assembly election that resulted in a 6-6 tie on January 25th is far from over. The PDP and the People National Movement have failed to agree on a way forward on three separate occasions in the Assembly Chamber and today, parliamentarians are set to met on the proposed bill for amendments on the Tobago House of Assembly.

The Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Tobago Division is asking the Prime Minister not to move forward with the bill until proper consultations are held with the twelve elected assemblymen. In a media release they said, Parliament's intervention at this time will subvert Tobago's push for self-determination...adding.... "Resolution of the tie should be left up to the people of Tobago and their 12 elected representatives". According to Chairman Diane Hadad, the dialogue should seek to establish a new "national unity" government with a shared Executive Council, with a clear mandate to tackle the fundamental governance problems of the THA Act and to take us back to the polls by 2023.

Since the escalation of crime and violence in our society, many have pondered on their safety options. With a renewed focus on the security of women, it may come in handy to have a few daily practical guidelines. Former Head of the National Operations Centre Gavin Heerah says 'self preservation is your first line of defence'. He is also calling on men to examine themselves and urged guilty parties to seek a change in lifestyle.

Born and bred in T&T, Jillian Danford now resides in Canada and is the star of a family reality show. "Auntie Jillian" is into its second season now airing on Canadian television via one of its top networks CTV. The first season captured more than two million viewers. Auntie Jillian is known in the community as a youth advocate and has spoken at school assemblies as well as government programs for youth and anti-violence. Ms. Danford joined us via Zoom.

Sport has been one of the harder hit sectors as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some disciplines are unable to say when they will be to participate in tournament or practisce. The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee is seeking to move that conversation forward with their event 'Sport Industry TT 6th Edition'. It's under the theme 'The Future is Now! COVID-19 Implications for the Sport Industry' happening on March 4th from 9 am. President of the TTOC Brian Lewis joined us.


As Moruga residents continue to be plagued by the worst locust infestation in their community to date, the Ministry of Agriculture says they are spraying wherever they can.