On today's Morning Edition, one of the many Non-Governmental Organisations that do with in and around the capital city. The Black Agenda Project says the plan appears to be an almost identical gentrification proposal from approximately 15 years ago that was discontinued. We were joined by the Director of the Black Agenda Project Dr. David Muhammad.

On the topic of the revitalisation project from from another stakeholder in Port of Spain, the Downtown Merchants and Owners Association, the president Gregory Aboud was a part of a panel discussion at yesterday's spotlight and, he raised the perennial issue of street dwellers in the capital.

In a media release, the TTPS said forty public health penalty notices were issued yesterday across three divisions. It was only over the weekend, Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith praised beach-goers for adhering to the Covid-19 protocols. We were joined by Senior Superintendent Wayne Mystar.

Let's talk about beliefs and specifically the Association of Jehovah's Witnesses of Trinidad & Tobago. The have joined the global community in a November initiative to distribute this month's issue of the Watchtower magazine "What Is God's Kingdom?. We were joined by three Public Information Desk Spokesmen, Jude Niles, Frank Pantin and Claude Cedenio and with no carnival in February and a Covid-struck economy, many sectors are having to engage in additional fundraising measures. The Social Prosperity Fund of Pan Trinbago is aimed at assisting its members experiencing financial difficulty.

They are hosting a Christmas Telethon virtually this Friday, November 20th from 6 pm. Lauren Pierre – Pan Trinbago Treasurer and Social Prosperity Fund, Chairperson and Eva-Marie Pouchet – Social Prosperity Fund, Secretary joined Fazeer to give more information on this fund raising event.


President of the First Divisional Fire Officers Association, David Thomas, is tonight telling TV6 NEWS, many fire officers in the country, are feeling frustrated and abandoned by the Ministry of National Security.

A Trinidad based company was chosen, to supply devices for Tobago's children, through the Division of Education.