On Friday the Government announced some major changes with immediate effect, to policies relating to GATE (Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses) and Scholarships.

Education Minister, Dr. Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, says the changes will save government around 100 Million dollars, annually. This means the national scholarship programme is cut by 75%. Meanwhile, in the GATE Programme, funding for post-graduate studies has ended with immediate effect while students currently enrolled in post-graduate programmes will cease to be funded come August 2021. Let's get the view of an Education stakeholder TTUTA, we were joined by Kyrla Robertson-Thomas, 2nd Vice President TTUTA.

We are continuing our conversation on the major changes to Education Programmes announced by the Government on Friday. While several have raised concerns, the government says this is necessary due to a number of factors including, Covid-19. In the past, concerns have been raised about the abuse and misuse of the GATE and Scholarship fund programmes. The Opposition UNC is not in favour of the Government's move, did they have other options? Member of Parliament for St. Augustine, Khadijah Ameen joined us.

Several stakeholders have joined together to host a national health research conference this Thursday and Friday. The inaugural event, features a host of speakers and Professor Donald Simeon of the University of the West Indies joined us and this week marks the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week, hosted locally by Youth Business Trinidad and Tobago. Twenty partners are involved in this year's activities, which posses a wide variety of topics. Joining us to tell us more about the theme and the hopeful impact of such an event during this pandemic were Rachel Renie - Co Founder D Market Movers, Melissa Jimenez - General Manager Music TT and Jaysen Francis, Founder League of ExtraOrdinary Entrepreneurs.


Well as the test team as busy getting there practice in the West Indies T20 team and hosts New Zealand meet in the opening match of their three-game series later on from 2.00am TT time.

A two million dollar Tobago recycling resource initiative, was officially launched today. The aim of the initiative according to the THA , is to reduce the dumping of waste across the island