We got your views in our Have Your Say segment on the yesterday's Joint Select Committee hearing on National Security, which revealed some worrying trends in the nation's prisons. According to Acting Commissioner of Prisons Dereck Pulchan, there are seventeen gangs operating within the Prison System. Mr. Pulchan also told of that drones being flown over prison walls to drop off marijuana for inmates.

In a multi-cultural society such as ours, there is almost always a religious observance ongoing in the country. Christians are at this time engaged in a time of fasting , prayer and consecration, in the lead-up to the Easter celebration in a couple weeks. Many worshippers often use this period to engage in activities to strengthen and renew their faith and many may agree that staying close to your spiritual roots is something that is needed to help us overcome life's challenges. We were joined by Father Jason Gordon, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Port of Spain.

We told you about an initiative by the Ministry of Sport and Community Development. It's the #GIRLS RUN TT CHALLENGE which begins on April 1st and concludes on Independence day. Virtual races, panel discussions and more are just some of the highlights. We were joined by Mrs. Amrita Maharaj-Dube, Senior Corporate Communications Officer, Ministry of Sport and Community Development.

We continued our weekly conversation with the United Nations Women and today, 'Gender-Based Violence and Migrants' will be our focus. Our guests work with the International Organization for Migration which means they are directly involved with victims of trafficking​ . We got a greater sense of some of the challenges faced by migrants especially now, with the reregistration of Venezuelan migrants that is ongoing.

We were joined in studio by Greisy Gonzalez- Migrant Counsellor at the International Organization for Migration who is a Venezuelan Migrant and and via Zoom were joined by Jewel Ali - IOM Head of Office.


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