We opened the phone lines and discussed the border reopening, vaccinations and national bursaries. We heard what some of you had to say.

We got the perspective from the Opposition United National Congress on a few of the hot topics in the public domain. Full reopening of the economy, border reopening, vaccinations with Public Relations Officer Dr. Kirk Meighoo.

As the country prepares for the Reopening for the borders tomorrow, Caribbean Airlines is reminding travellers of the safety protocols that are in place. Travellers are to have all required documentation and familiarize themselves with the protocols before travel, at the airport and on board the aircraft,

On July 2nd CAL released its arrival and departure schedule for T&T from July 16th and today's Express is already reporting healthy bookings from the airline. Ms. Dionne Ligoure , Head Corporate Communications at Caribbean Airlines joined us.

It's one of those subjects where usually it's either you get it or you don't. Mathematics is a staple subject from primary through secondary secondary school, so why not start early.

Math Adventures For early childhood Development is a two in one activity work work and were joined by authors Kathy-Ann Charles and Makalla Lewis- Joseph

The West Indies leads Australia in the T20 series 3-1 with one more game to play. Cricket analyst Lester Cassimy joined us as we look ahead to the final game.


The Estate Management Business Development Company has requested that works at the Coco Road Quarry be halted until a pronouncement is made on the cause of a landslip in the area which affected three homes.

With the next Olympics set for 2024. Doctor of Health and Sciences Kamasha Robertson-Martens is hoping this country puts some emphasis on a talent ID program.