The Covid-19 trend continues to worry many, twenty-one additional deaths reported yesterday. This on the news of 397 more positive cases pushing the total number of active cases to 4814. Let's get a scientific perspective on this and the Centre for Disease Control latest statements about mask wearing and the virus being airborne. Via Zoom we were joined by Dr. Nicole Ramlachan, a Geneticist Consultant at Genix Diagnostics Ltd and an Associate Professor of Biotechnology at UTT.


Gambling has long been considered a societal ill, forming additions and lifelong consequences in some cases. Garth St. Clair, Director of Eye on Dependency says the idea came following a trip some years ago to a UK Charity aimed at addressing the ills related to gambling. He's teamed up with the National Lotteries Control Board to launch a campaign on May 28th, Mr. St. Clair joined us via Zoom.


We continue to observe Indian Arrival Month with Trinidad Bhojpuri sessions with Founder of Caribbean Hindustani Dr. Visham Bhimull. We began with a prerecorded video Conversation and then bring Dr. Bhimull in for today's lesson plan.

(Notes Reminder for Fazeer Video conversation, Expression: verbs used in the kitchen, Proverb, Song: ngroo Badal-Curry Powder se bane tarkari massala peese na jaane).


The drive to raise awareness against Gender Based Violence continues this time bringing together the musical talent of Freetown Collective and corporate T&T via Associated Brands. Together they have launched the "Love Over Everything" movement which, aims to educate against all forms of GBV. They are also embarking on a film project to further advocate their cause. Lead guitarist for Freetown Collective, Lou Lyons was quoted in an article saying, "We will be producing three short films which show that while conflict is inevitable in any relationship - platonic or amorous - displaying forms of violence is a choice". We were joined by Freetown Collective's lead vocalist Muhammed Muwakil, and Kathryn Inniss the Marketing Manager of Sunshine Snacks.


The World Health Organsiation encourages countries to inoculate the most at risk first. It welcomes the Pfizer donation and explains how countries will be chosen for distribution.

A 36 year-old man dies of COVID-19 after calling relatives in the wee hours of the morning saying his oxygen was out and there was no one around. His widow, also COVID positive is calling on you to get vaccinated.

New coach Angus Eve is getting some welcomed support from the National Coaches Association as he gets set to take up his caretaker role in charge of the National team...