We had a lot to discuss with our next guest. Job security , job creation, concerns over vaccination in the workplace from workers in both the private and public sector and the ongoing work to assist small enterprise development.

Minister of Labour and Small Enterprise Development Stephen Mc Clashie joined us. He is also the Member of Parliament for La Brea.

The gradual full reopening of the economy continued on Monday with the automotive and manufacturing industries. Borders are set to reopen on Saturday and Restaurants to reopen on the 19th with curb side and delivery only. We got the views from the Tobago Business Chamber, President Martin George.

Bridging the Digital Divide is A Virtual Conference for Caribbean MSMEs on July 22nd & 23rd. The Cost is USD$50 or TTD $350vat inclusive. The event is organized by the T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce. To tell us more were Anna Chamely- Vice Chair - Nova Committee, Ernest Williams- Member -Nova Committee and Vashtie Dookiesingh- Private Finance Operations Senior Specialist - IDB.


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