In this installment of Thursday's Morning Edition, a weakening economy, a global pandemic and a shortage of forex continues to be a major concern for the business community. Many sectors have been speaking out, some even putting consumers on notice for an increase in prices. The confederation of regional chambers continue to call for a roundtable discussion with all of the stakeholders in an attempt to navigate a way forward. We were joined by Jaishima Leladharsingh- Coordinator of the Confederation of Regional Business Chambers.

Activists Dr. Wayne Kubalsingh and Nazmer Muller are continuing with their advocacy for the rights of prisoners which they say are kept in inhumane and unsanitary conditions. In October, Ms Muller wrote to the Commissioner of Prisons and the Minister of National Security to meet on the matter. When that failed, she and Dr. Kublalsingh embarked on various demonstrations to highlight the cause. We were joined by Nazma Muller-Founder, Founder, Caribbean Collective for Justice and Dr. Randy Seepersad- Head of the Criminology Department at UWI.

Fresh off the heels of his honourary doctorate from the University of the West Indies, Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe, the Arranger and Owner of Hadco Phase II Pan Groove, will host the event ' Another Phase'. The online event features Nailah Blackman, Etienne Charles and more and comes on the heels of an honourary doctorate awarded to Sharpe by the University of the West Indies.

We are joined by a songstress who comes from a family involved in the promotion and creation of local music with her brothers in charge of Precision Productions, and the daughter of WACK 90.1 FM's owner Kenny Phillips. Karyce Phillips has been known for doing background vocals but has now decided to step into the limelight as ' Savanna', her first single ' Name Man' is one of the Soca offerings for 2021 and provides commentary on the fear dynamics between men and women.


PNM Tobago Council Political Leader Tracy Davidson-Celestine is tonight urging Tobagonians to vote for the only stable party come next Monday, the PNM.

In a bid to broaden the conversation on eradicating street dwelling, the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services has met with various entities in the private corporate sector.

Guyana's Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs says his country views Venezuela's claim to the Essiquibo region as an act of aggression.

Two men are charged after allegedly trying to break into a Maraval Gym and a woman was robbed on Independence Square.