Crime and security concerns continue to plague our society and is often publicized in the daily media. From violent crimes to fiery protests, many will agree that a general sense of safety is not only missing from the capital city but from many other areas. The Prime Minister has called for better parenting while national security is boosting up efforts of the TTPS but let's get a perspective from Garvin Heerah, former head of the National Operations Centre and  Homeland Security and Safe City Operations Expert.

The second edition of the music conference RVRB Experience begins today until Friday via MusicTT's virtual platforms. Under the theme "Into the Musicverse", the three-day event will cover a range of topics with help from specially invited guests including major social media company TikTok. To tell us about the three-day event and what people can expect is Melissa Jimenez, General Manager, MusicTT.

It's time for another episode of Fertility Step by Step, and with us once again is Dr. Catherine Minto-Bain - Medical Director and Fertility Doctor, Trinidad and Tobago IVF & Fertility Centre. The Trinidad and Tobago IVF and Fertility Centre is based right here in T&T and offers a full range of world class fertility solutions for couples having trouble conceiving a baby.

Dr. Catherine... now, if its one thing we've learnt from doing this show with you it's that it takes two to make a baby! That's why when you're treating infertility you always try to see, test and treat the couple. Today we're tackling a very familiar myth. Our topic is Men, Sperm and Miscarriage.

Our first question for Dr. Catherine today is, "Are we saying that men can be the cause of miscarriage?".

A breakdown in family values has long been determined as a major factor when dealing with societal ills. This country continues to see sustained involvement by the youth in criminal activities which sometimes turn into a lifelong career. Commenting at the opening of the St Clair Police Station last Friday, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley urged parents not to neglect their responsibilities.

Dr. Rowley said, 'We must now direct resources to find out what is going on in this vacuum between ten-year-old's and the 17-year old's, and set about to produce a better citizen in Trinidad and Tobago." He said the country needs to get to the root of this problem, and it starts in the schools and an appreciation of respecting other people's space and rights. Rhondall Feeles President of the Fathers' Association joins us in this segment.

It's a song and dance craze that went global during the pandemic, "JERUSALEMA" has taken South  African artiste Nomcebo Zikode

all across the world and this time her stop is in Trinidad. She arrived in Piarco last evening and is here to meet with producers and artistes on collaborations of Afrobeat and Soca music.

Nomcebo together with Ivory Coast vocalist Elody Amondji, are also scheduled to creatively collaborate with Trinidad and Tobago's composer/producer Ian Wiltshire, who is responsible for composing the David Rudder's "Trini 2 The Bone". Nomcebo Zikode is here with us on today's Morning Edition.

News across the region.

Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne is adamant that a defamation lawsuit threatened by one of the former LIAT employees, leading the fight for millions owed in severance will not be successful.

The threat to sue PM Browne has been made by ex-LIAT pilot, Captain Neil Cave, who alleges that Browne made defamatory statements about him and tarnished his reputation during a recent radio appearance. In his comments, Browne also reportedly said he would not support the pilot's return to a revived LIAT, and would protest if the government of Barbados , where Cave is from ….. attempts to facilitate his return.

Speaking to Barbados Today newspaper, Cave said Browne's remarks were a personal attack on him and his "good name", because he dared to speak out about the "injustices" going on at the Antigua-based airline. Cave is one of several hundred former LIAT staff seeking more than EC$120 million collectively owed in severance and other entitlements after being laid off in 2020.      

Thank you for viewing and we invite you to catch ME PRIME this evening from 8:30 . We leave you with this video by Angeli Parasramsingh, "who says the macaws were hanging out late one evening in south Trinidad, probably enjoying the cool weather."