In this Morning Edition we are joined by Human, Social Justice activist AND President of the Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Roberta Clarke to get her perspective on the many violent incidents involving women in Trinidad and Tobago.

The pelting of bottles and stones by angry residents at the home of the woman who saw baby Kimani on the street and did not go after him. The fatal chopping of a mother of three in La Brea yesterday, the murder of a woman and 12 year of child by a soldier and the stabbing of a 34 year old woman by another woman in Carenage.

In this segment of Morning Edition, we are joined by Executive Vice President of the OWTU for TTEC to talk about the protest outside the Ministry of Public Utilities yesterday. Over 50 members gathered at Elizabeth Street, St Clair, on Tuesday.

OWTU President General Ancel Roget said the action was the first of many that the union would carry out until Minister Marvin Gonzales met with them to address the issues affecting workers. Let hear more about the reason for the protest, whether or not the union has received a response from the Minister and what happens next from Mrs. Ramlogan -Jhoda.

In our second episode of Trinidad Bhojpuri 2022 edition, Dr. Visham Bhimull founder of Caribbean Hindustani joins us now and we have four areas to cover in today's lesson.


1. Trinidad Bhojpuri Alphabet (two videos , we begin with the letter O then the video with the letter Au. Both videos are under one minute )

2.  Vocabulary and expressions (Ten Photos, they are labelled photo. 1 , 2 etc. )

3. Proverb (one photo)

4. Song ( Sent by the Editor : Jhumka Gira Re Bareli Ke Bazar Mein - Item Song - Asha - Sadhana, Sunil Dutt )

Further in this segment, Prof. Dr. Brinsley Samaroo-Author of book Adrian Cola Rienzi, The Life and Times of an Indo Caribbean Progressive and Joel Simmons-Naparima College-Alumni. The Launch is being hosted by Naparima College Association of Past Students and will be held on Saturday. Let's now join our guests to tell us more about what inspired this book and what we can expect at the launch.

In International News, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called the killing of  Shereen Abu Akleh an "horrific tragedy".

In a statement on Twitter, Pelosi said a "thorough, objective investigation is needed now".

Addressing reporters in Washington, DC, US Department of State spokesman Ned Price called for an "immediate and thorough investigation and full accountability".

When asked whether the US would support an international investigation, Price repeated: "Israel has the wherewithal to conduct a thorough investigation". More from Al Jazeera.


After being idle for almost four years, Trinidad's refinery is up for refining Guyana oil.

Parents in Tobago were today given guidelines on the COVID-19 protocols for caring for their…