Consultations have begun on the privatization of the port by the cabinet appointed committee. A brief update was given to the public on Friday in a media conference. One of the main objectives, is to turn the port into a profitable entity. There have been mixed reactions since the announcement at the October 5th budget. We were joined by Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan.

Will the helm at the Public Services Association be changed following the November 23rd polls? Team Sentinel is hoping their leader Nixon Callender will be selected as they have a number of concerns with the current leadership. Mr Nixon joined us.

The Tobago House of Assembly election is due by January 2021 and two of the opposition parties are collaborating in an attempt to beat the ruling PNM. Pastor Terrence Baynes, newly appointed leader of the Tobago Forwards joined us.

The Rotary Club of Port of Spain West is inviting the public to Rally for a Cause on November 29th. The forty-four year old organization is seeking to raise awareness of Mental Health and how if affects men and did you know that there is an International multiple birth awareness week?. Locally, mother of triplets Sharlene Gittens-Francis is seeking to shed some light on this commemoration. She is the founder of the Trinidad and Tobago Multiples Birth Club and recently launched her book, detailing her experience.


One hundred and sixty Venezuelans deported, amid outcry over T&T's handling of migrants… The Venezuelan government requested a meeting with T&T officials… and a deceased man was a guest at his own funeral?? All thanks to the creativity of one funeral home. Let’s take look at the past 7 Days on 6.

Minister of Health Terrance Deyalsingh also spoke on Covid-19 and Christmas, urging the population to forego the tradition of family and friends gathering this season so that they may have a healthy new year...

Wise Guy has won the Trinre Derby Stakes and by extension the Triple Crown at the Arima Race Club today.