In this Morning Edition, we are joined by TTPS information officer Sheridon Hill to discuss the the protection of children. Just yesterday the body of toodler Kimani Francis was found in a river near his home.He reportedly walked out of his family home on Monday. He lived with his 22 yaer old mother, grand mother and great aunt. Today we will discuss child protection and the recent deaths of children  in T&T and get the perspective of the TTPS.

In this segment, we are now joined by Reeanna Harrila President of the Voice of Lupus to discuss Lupus Awareness day which was observed yesterday. Today she will sahre with us the significance of thsi day and what was done to commerate it.

In this Morning edition, we are joined by the founders of Island Girl Talk. Island Girl Talk  is an interactive talk show for women. A safe zone where women are free to simply be women.

Island Girl Talk serves to create a space where women can come together to share their perspectives on anything from empowerment, beauty, health, relationships and much more. To tell us more we are now chatting with Krystal Khayne, Nekisha Cyrus and Shawna Mitchell.