Eight More Covid-19 deaths and 233 new positive cases recorded, that's the latest status provided by the Ministry of Health on Sunday. Active Cases are up to 3907 and out of that number 342 are in hospital patients. We were joined by Dr. Keegan Baggan Public Relations Officer- Medical Association to get his perspective on that the, Sinopharm COVID-19 Vaccine that is now WHO approved and, the Centre for Disease Control confirms that the virus can also be airborne. Dr. Baggan joined us via Zoom.


It's time for our Business Breakfast segment and we want to thank Value Optical for sponsoring this segment for us. Today we are bringing you the story of two friends who met at the University of the West Indies, became registered dietitians and are founders of the company Dear Diet Enterprises. Together they launched Cereaously Grounded Dasheen Cereal which is now available in stores on both islands, they joined us now via Zoom.


Drama Making A Difference, DMAD Company is known for the various social outreach initiatives and this time, l they are targeting incarcerated fathers. It's a vulnerable group that can often be forgotten and they have teamed up with partners at the Prison Service and the United States Embassy, to do something that is said to be the first in T&T.

The Inside Out Dad Program gets going from May 24th until August 20th. The aim work with incarcerated fathers to improve their awareness, knowledge, and attitudes about being an involved, responsible, and committed father. We were joined by Naureen Nalia- Acting Public Affairs Officer US Embassy, Kwasi Cudjoe- Social Program Consultant and Carlos Corraspe Deputy Commissioner of Prisons T&T Prison Service.


The Family Focus Broadcasting Network is hosting another Student Prayer initiative on May 16th, which include their regional partners. During the pandemic, concerns about the mental, social and emotional health of students have been increased due to the ongoing life changes brought on by the Coronairus. FBN believes that spiritual intervention can aid these students especially those preparing for upcoming examinations. We got more from: Raymond Ockille- FBN Student Prayer T&T Team Lead Annaleah Francis- FBN SP T&T committee member and Samuel Alexander FBN SP Grenada Team Lead.


The Contractors Association is one of the private sector industries to partner with the Ministry of Health regarding the vaccination drive.

A man is ordered to stay away from his niece...

Writer and performer Kyle Hernandez of Trinidad is receiving death threats, following a performance he did on local television station WESN, where he seemed to insult not only Tobagonians but the national bird of the island.

A number of elderly persons in Tobago 60 years and older, who were not registered to be vaccinated, were turned away for a second day at the three health centres on the island.