In this episode of Morning Edition, in commemoration of International Women's Day today, we were joined by Assistant Director of the Gender Affairs Ministry Amílcar Sanatan. 

To commemorate International Women's Day 2023, Republic Bank is here to discuss and build awareness about Republic Bank's Business and People Development (BPD) Associates Women Entrepreneurial Business Builder's (EBB) programme.

Live on set are Georgina Terry- Managing Dir./Founder – Business & People Development Associates and Karen Yip Chuck, the first female Vice President, Republic Bank.

We are going to discuss The National Workplace Policy on Sexual Harassment as it relates to the effects of sexual harassment on women and what should be done if you are a victim or witness such.

With us is Chief Labour Relations Officer of the Conciliation, Advisory and Advocacy Division of the Ministry of Labour, Ms. Sabina Gomez.

Its Endometriosis Awareness Month and Dr Catherine Minto-Bain Medical Director and Fertility Doctor, Trinidad and Tobago IVF & Fertility Centre is here to talk about it. 

The Ministry of Sport and Community Development (MSCD) launched its #GirlsRunTT Challenge as part of its Pink Reign Campaign in 2021, sponsoring 300 women and girls and then 400 competitors in 2022.

This campaign aimed to encourage women and girls to be physically active and to participate in all aspects of sport, including coaching, athletics, leadership media, volunteers, and other roles.

Its time to take a look at what's happening in the Business Express with Managing Editor Curtis Williams.

And now we open the lines for you our viewers to share your views and tributes to the women of TT as we celebrate International Women's Day today.

Thank you to all of our guests for joining us today. Join for M.E PRIME at 9:30pm and in the mean time we leave you with this image "Migrating Birds" from Sham Sahadeo.


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