On this latest installment of the Morning Edition, how many more is the question on the lips of many, who are mourning the death of yet another young woman. Yesterday's autopsy on the body of Andrea Bharatt came back inconclusive while a prime suspect in her case died at hospital. Women's groups and citizens are calling for more to be done as safety concerns seem to once again be at an all time high. How do we deal with the trauma faced by families, women and citizens in general.

We were joined by Hanif Benjamin the President & Chief Executive Officer of The Centre For Human Development, he is a Clinical Therapist & Clinical Traumatologist.

Senior Superintendent Wayne Mystar joined us now for our weekly conversation. Today we are focusing on traffic regulations and more specifically car tints and an upcoming law.

It's time for our Artiste Forum segment and let's focus on Kaiso. We are joined by a seasoned performer , he gave us songs like 'Calypso Cyar Dead' , 'The Mecca' , 'Oh Gawd Oh' and many more. Allan 'BROTHER MUDADA' Fortune is here with us, a veteran in the business. He will also be performing at ' De Veterans Calypso Show ' live on the rooftop at Shine Street this Thursday from 8:30 pm and there will be live coverage on TV6.

He told us about his latest song 'The Pandemic'.

Let's got into another artiste's forum but this time, international. We were joined by Simbaarley who's in the United Kingdom but has his roots in two twin-island nations. Antigua and Barbuda and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. For this latest single 'Big People Bacchanal' he teamed with non other than Kyle Phillips, head producer of Badjohn Republic and K.M.P Music Labs. Simbaarley was here to tell us more.


Isolation Tents are being procured by the Division of Education, to treat with students who may become ill at Tobago's schools in light of COVID concerns. 

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley calls on CARICOM heads to have a summit with a difference, to adopt a multi-sectoral response to crime and violence as a public health issue.

Former Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte supports the management change at WASA...

PSA president Watson Duke calls on WASA workers to take a day off next Tuesday to protest being blamed for the authority's...

The Ministry of Health is advising persons to take all precautions against contracting the potentially deadly yellow fever disease...