Political Landscape

Opposition Senator Saddam Hosein joined us on set.

St. James Secondary Red Flames

The St. James Secondary Alumni or "Red Flames" as they now go by, is seeking to raise funds to continue the school's upgrade efforts. The School's Courtyard will be the host of 'SOCA TABANCA' it's a cooler fete happening this Saturday. The cost is $200.

Goatober TT

When Trinbagonians think about eating goat, most of the times it's curry goat. Chef Franka Phillip is seeking to expand our thinking just a bit with the launch of GoatoberTT. She is joined by UK chef and award winning Author James Whetlor who will facillitate workshops during is visit. They are having a public event entitled 'Cuisine Cruisin' ' this Saturday in Santa Cruz.


Season four of the local hit series 'Decoded' continues tonight at 8 PM, on CCN, TV6. Maureen Legge- Founder of MOCAD & Principal Architect and Samantha Callender- Office Manager - MOCAD joined us on set to discuss

Artiste's Forum

No stranger to the Gospel music industry, Stephen John continues to give us new music, leading up to the release of the latest EP. The new single, 'When You Love Me' features Contemporary Jazz Saxophonist Elan Trotman and Soul Soprano Llettesha Sylvester.

Proudly T&T

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers' Association is 'Proudly T&T'


Former High Court judge Herbert Volney has broken his silence on the emailgate enquiry which has ended with the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions advising that there is no evidence to warrant that anyone be charged.

Attorney General Faris Al Rawi has sought to enlighten students at the Arthur Lok Jack School Business about some of the reasons for a change in public procurement and disposal of property practices...

Tobago police arrested another female employee of the Unit Trust Corporation (UTC) Tobago, in connection with the fraud investigation.