Political Landscape

And now the Prime Minister has taken over the Public Administration ministerial portfolio in addition to his regular Cabinet duties. Opposition Senator Saddam Hosein joined us on set.

Assembly of Caribbean people

The First Assembly of Caribbean People occurred twenty-five years ago in Chaguaramas over a three day period.This year marks the eighth edition, from August 15th-18th under the theme ...."Confront the imperialist Agenda and Strengthen our Resistance and Unity through the VIII Assembly of Caribbean People".

TTPS Information Drive

This week 'Obstruction Of Police' what is it and how can it be proven.

Honda Repair-a-thon

The Honda Repair-a Thon Event is happening again, you may remember they were here last year talking about the event. This year it's on August 15th - 17th & August 20th -24th at Barakah Grounds, Chaguanas & Jean Pierre Sports Complex. The event is free.

Aaron Ifill in concert

Vocalist Aaron Ifill joined us to talk about his upcoming event on August 25th at Kaiso Blues. It's on August 25th and the cost is $120.


Who will rule the PNM, in Tobago?

Nomination day for internal elections of the PNM Tobago Council is Monday December 9th. The date was announced on Thursday in a media briefing by PNM Tobago Council.

If you have overdue library books, now might be the time to bring them back. NALIS, desperate to improve its unsustainable financial status, wants to increase the fees.