On February 1st, the country would know whether the Sean Luke murder trial, will proceed.

Akeel Mitchell and Richard Chatoo are charged with the gruesome March 2006 killing.

Justice Lisa Ramsumair-Hinds is still deliberating over an application by Mitchell's attorneys to have the prosecution stayed against their client.

That application is over a prosecutor -- who was previously involved -- being the same attorney who represented Mitchell, during the preliminary enquiry.

Also, a High Court judge has instructed the Supreme Court Registrar to liaise with the Commissioner of Prisons, about why the two men -- now ages 28 and 30, are still on remand at the Youth Training Centre.

Six-year-old Sean Luke's body was found in a cane field, near his Couva home.

An autopsy found the boy died from internal injuries, after a cane stalk was inserted into his rectum, and pushed until it reached his throat.