Drifting in Penal from CCN TV6 on Vimeo.

Turns out the driver in that video is a repeat offender and the TTASA wants nothing to do with him. 

In a release the association names and shames the driver, Reagan Birbal, saying they've had several conversations with him over the past two months. 

Now they're saying disciplinary action is pending, and they're in communication with the TTPS. 

Birbal, part of the Dirty Projects Drift Team (according to the TTASA and the caption on the video released on social media) apparently recorded himself from several angles drifting around the Debe Interchange For most of the video he's alone but at one point the vehicle drifts around a private vehicle. 

"It is to be noted the association has  ZERO (sic) tolerance for this type of activity and actively strives toward promoting a safe environment for all motorsport at the Wallerfield International Raceway," the association's release said.

They asked Birbal to channel is enthusiasm at the 2019 Drift Championship and other events at Wallerfield. They went on to apologise to the public. 

We reached out to the TTPS as well. Road Safety Coordinator Brent Batson said they're actively investigating. 

"We have no choice; he has no respect for the law or safety of other road users," Batson said.  "That was a pure ego trip, sends the wrong message to young  impressionable drivers."



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