Vaughn Sandman Mieres

N.B This is a breaking news story. Updates will be provided once information is confirmed.


Senior police confirm that one man has been arrested in connection with the quadruple murder.


Vaughn 'Sandman' Mieres and his wife, only so far identified as 'Lety' were shot dead in their hometown of Las Cuevas.

According to reports, the incident occurred between midnight and 2am Thursday.

Gunmen stormed the couple's hillside home.

Two others men who were staying there have also been killed.

Around 2am, residents observed an unusual level of activity in the area.

Upon investigating, the discovery was made.

The assailants are believed to have entered and exited the area by boat.

Mieres was well known to police, having been arrested and charged for multiple offences in the past including conspiracy to commit murder and firearm possession.


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Many communities in South Trinidad were busy preparing for the impact Tropical Storm Karen could have brought.

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