Two recaptured


Police say two of the twelve escaped inmates from the Immigration Detention Centre are back in custody.

According to reports, Claudio Flores and Charlie Jose were recovered in the Aripo area late last night.

Outstanding are:

1. Keisler Manuel Carreno Sucre

2. Nelson Jose Quijada Mendoza

3.Alvaro Jose Brito Cequea

4. Adrian Vincente Gonzales

5.Gudis Jose Tablante Silver

6.Henny Ramon Cooper Quiroz

7. Eleazer Tovar de la Cruz

8. Gregorio Medina

9. Luis Angel Cooper Quiroz

10. Rayan Phillip Bowen (from Grenada).


Confirmation from sources within the Immigration Detention Centre therehas been yet another escape. This time of 12 inmates.

It happened between 3 and 5 this afternoon during airing. They escaped through a fence.

They are  11 Venezuelans and 1 Grenadian, identified as

  1. Keisler Manuel Carreno Sucre,
  2. Nelson Jose Quijada Mendoza,
  3. Alvaro Jose Brito Cequea,
  4. Adrian Vincente Gonzales,
  5. Gudis Jose Tablante Silver,
  6. Henny Ramon Cooper Quiroz,
  7. Eleazer Tovar de la Cruz
  8. Charlie Perez Jose
  9. Claudio Medina Flores
  10. Gregorio Medina
  11. Rayan Phillip Bowen (From Grenada)

Escapes from the IDC are not uncommon.

Most recently in April, five inmates escaped and in December another five escaped after a Christmas function.


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