PSA President Watson Duke is in full election mode ahead of the Association's election on November 20th.

Duke held a virtual press conference today, where he aired a number of issues being faced by workers at various State hospitals, including outstanding wages and unfit working conditions. The PSA President put the heads of the various RHAs on notice that they have one week to rectify the issues, after which, he says, it will be judgement day.

Duke also took issue with the Office of the Commissioner of State Lands, which he says has disregarded the Prime Minister's call for workers to be rostered... and is instead attempting to force workers to come out full-time.


Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley says he is proud he has inspired 6 year old Jhdken Edwards. Dr. Rowley made the comment on Saturday, during the Ministry of Health media conference in Tobago.

This country's border restrictions remain but a committee is being assembled to recommend the best way forward in removing the travel exemption system that controls the repatriation of Trinidad and Tobago nationals.

Two men were murdered overnight and one more this afternoon, and police officer recover stolen cash in Tobago.