A policemen and a member of the Coast Guard were both killed when they faced off over a woman in Diego Martin this morning.

The names of the two men have been given as Constable Jomo Gulston and Coast Guard sailor Jabari Francois.

PC Gulston's family denies that the shooting resulted from a love triangle and insists that he and the female involved were just friends.

Gulston's brother said the woman even knows the policeman's wife, who is pregnant and had to be rushed to hospital this morning when she learnt that he had been fatally shot.

The brother said Jomo went out with the female friend and others last night and was dropping off the woman at her home in Diego Martin when they were confronted by the Coast Guard Jabari Francois, with whom it is said she had a relationship.

There was an argument during which the men had a shootout and the woman ran from the vehicle. Francois was shot once and died while PC Gulston drove off for a short distance before succumbing to his injuries.

Homicide detectives are also investigating the murder of a Venezuela national Charlie Matta, who was fatally stabbed at Calcutta Settlement Number two, Freeport.

Police said they received a report of a stabbing and went to the area where they found Matta, aged 22, lying just off the roadway.