Rowley Parliament

During the questions for the Prime Minister segment at the meeting of the House of Representatives today, Dr. Keith Rowley revealed that close to 14 thousand Venezuelans have been registered as part of the migrant registration process.

The PM was also questioned on whether the state was steadfast in its rule to end the process today.

"The period ends today, I do not know at what time, but Madame Speaker, the Minister of National Security and those involved, we are going to be as humane as possible. But at the end of the day whatever time it ends tonight, that is the end of the registration process," he explained.

Revealing a bit of leniency, he also said that those who may have begun the process may have an opportunity to complete it. He said, "The way it will operate, those persons who are in the compound, in the vicinity, in the line, those will be the persons at the end of today, even if the registration for those individuals is not complete, are the persons, they will be identified by way of a dated number, which will allow the process to be completed probably tomorrow, or Sunday."

The Prime Minister reiterated that no refugee camps will be set up.


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