TV6 is sticking to its decision to not air the Prime Minister's Interview with CNC3 journalist Khamal Georges this evening.

As TV6 was not afforded with the option of airing at a later time, the interview will not be aired in its entirety, even delayed.

The Office of the Prime Minister provided the content and asked under the licensing agreement the one hour and twenty three minute long interview be aired.

Communication Minister Donna Cox has not taken TV6's decision lightly, responding to a post on social media she calls on the station to speak the truth. Speaking with Dominic Kallipersad of sister station i95.5 fm, she says TV6 hasn't been keeping it's end of the bargain.

According to the Telecommunications act "The concessionaire shall, on a free-of-charge basis up to a limit of fourteen hours per calendar week, and transmit any programme, announcement, information or other material which the Government may require to be transmitted as a matter of public interest,"

Weighing in, President of the Media Association says while content must be of urgent public importance and must not interfere with commercial interests, there is another point to note.

She questioned in what capacity the interview was done.

General Manager of Caribbean Communications Network parent company of TV6 Richard Purcell spoke on the company's decision which quickly became a social media talking point.

The case of what qualifies as "public interest" remains a point of debate, decades after the act's existence.


Where, Trinidad and Tobago Red Force are confident going into their third round match against Guyana Jaguars at the Providence Stadium.