Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said he was compelled to reveal contents of "secret files" from the National Security Ministry to expose the character of Carlton Dennie whom he described as a "dangerous liar".

The Prime Minister held a news conference today at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann's to respond to Dennie who appeared on the United National Congress (UNC) platform last night at the Debe High School where he delivered a speech claiming that while a director of intelligence at the Strategic Services Agency (SSA) he was asked to fire all persons of East indians from the agency.

"I am the person that they asked to fire all the East Indians from the SSA. I told them no! This made the daily newspapers. I reminded Rowley and the then ministDirectorer of national security, (Edmund) Dillon, that in this country, every creed and race must find an equal place. I told them no! I am not firing any Indians!" said Dennie.

Today, the Prime Minister condemned Dennie's comments which be rubbished as lies and a danger to this country's social fabric, as it promotes racial strife.

Rowley also chastised Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar for using Dennie in the UNCs "desperate" bid to return to power by tarnishing his (Rowley's) name.

Rowley said he never had any interaction with Dennie and his (Dennie) claim that he was asked by the Prime Minister and then Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon to fire Indians is a "categorical lie".

"It is a most dangerous statement to be made by any officer no matter how aggrieved he or she is," he said.

The Prime Minister said he asked for the secret files to be checked and this has never been done to the best of his knowledge.

He quoted from a document from the Security Intelligence Agency dated October 23, 2009.

He said at that time the Prime Minister was Patrick Manning.

He pointed out he was a back bencher in the Manning Government.

The document, he said, was written to the permanent Secretary at the National Security Ministry Mrs Bucoo-Blake.

Rowley read excerpts from the document which stated that Dennie has displayed repeatedly unacceptable forms of behaviour primarily in the areas of insubordination, task avoidance and inciteful disruptive activity.

He said somehow Dennie got his contract renewed even after this report.

Rowley also revealed that in the SSA’s secret documents there is another report which spoke to removal of sensitive equipment from the server room at Piarco.

He said there was a report from a matter September 10, 2012.

He noted Persad-Bissessar was then Prime Minister and chair of the National Security Council.

He said on this day the internet and LAN connection was suddenly disconnected at the Piarco facility - a highly secret location which is the nerve facets centre of intelligence information.

"Both Mr Dennie and another officer were seen putting two large pieces of godmother computer equipment into a vehicle that was parked on the compound," said Rowley as he read from the report.

He said this action disrupted the network system and brought down the system for several days.

Rowley said the question to be asked is whether Persad-Bissessar was aware of this secret report of Dennie and another officer.

"If she knew why then would she come in 2019 with Mr Dennie of all people and put Mr Dennie on a UNC platform to lie on the Prime Minister if Trindad and Tobago to create racial strife and racial discord," said Rowley.

"Mr Dennie is worth nothing as the records would show," said Rowley.

He stressed there is danger in the UNCs move to put a black man on their platform and lie and say the Prime Minister asked him to fire east Indians.

The Prime Minister said Dennie was never in a position to fire or hire anyone.


Later in the debate the National Security Minister said law enforcement is trying to find out who has been bringing into the country AR15s which he described as weapons of war, and why they are doing so.