A number of people in Tobago have been rushed to the Scarborough General Hospital, after consuming a high performance Delights,

Premium flavoured cannabis, infused Ponche de Crème. The drink has the notion of high performance for some, proved almost deadly for one person last night, who complained of an increased heart rate, difficulty breathing and feelings of wanting to faint without prior warning. Emergency Health Officials were called to the person's home, and the person rushed to the Scarborough General Hospital, where he was later placed on drips. Luckily he survived the ordeal.

Health officials in Tobago have stated a number of persons were hospitalised recently after drinking the beverage, and are advising citizens to be careful, as, what might be good for some, may not be good for others.

Some have indicated the mix is a popular Christmas drink, often compared to eggnog.

In December of 2019 it became legal for adults in this country to possess thirty grams of marijuana and at least four marijuana trees.

Many have become creative and are now infusing marijuana in wines, making brownies and other edible items.


The Parlatuvier Jetty has literally reached breaking point. As the structure collapsed over the weekend, making the task for fisher folk in the area a risk to their lives.

Shiva Gana, a non-governmental organisation, has tasked itself with opening a women's shelter in order to assist some of the most vulnerable among the population.

A Sangre Grande couple -- on gun and drug charges, is denied bail.

And, a woman gets two years in prison, after 15-thousand dollars is stolen from a woman's handbag.

It might by just a piece of fabric or paper but it holds a very important role at the dinner table.

Road blocks, searches, and several arrests they were all part of a crackdown on illegal activities in and around the capital city, today.

As, City police carried out a 12-hour operation.

An elderly man in Tobago escaped with his life after a fire destroyed his home and partially destroyed a house he had under construction, in Patience Hill.