Police at the scene.

THE BODY of a man with a bullet wound to the head was discovered at the Foreshore on Monday.

Around 4.15a.m. police officers were told that the body was seen in the vicinity of the helipad.

Police found the body of an African male, brown in complexion, approximately 5' 11'' tall, about 160 pounds, with Rasta hair style, clad in a brown pants and black jersey.

His identity is not immediately known.

Police are asking anyone with information on the deceased to contact the Homicide Bureau or the St James police station.


Trinidad and Tobago is wasting electricity to such an extent that some employers are paying for branded sweaters for their employees because of how cold their offices are.

There is a shortage of Enrolled Nursing Assistants in Tobago, and efforts are being made by the Division of Health to address the present shortage.

On Wednesday marked a historic signing ceremony, for the Tobago Environmental Partnership Declaration between Germany, the Tobago House of Assembly and Environmental partners on the island.

The holiday season is meant to be a time for generosity and good will, but that also leaves many vulnerable to scams and schemes, especially online.