Police at the scene.

THE BODY of a man with a bullet wound to the head was discovered at the Foreshore on Monday.

Around 4.15a.m. police officers were told that the body was seen in the vicinity of the helipad.

Police found the body of an African male, brown in complexion, approximately 5' 11'' tall, about 160 pounds, with Rasta hair style, clad in a brown pants and black jersey.

His identity is not immediately known.

Police are asking anyone with information on the deceased to contact the Homicide Bureau or the St James police station.


Various Protective Service Divisions from across the country came together for the fifth Police Can Cook event ,,,,

The Ministry of Works is putting measures in place in the event of flooding, ahead of the bad weather, forecast for tomorrow.

The Manuel Congo Bridge was officially opened today, replacing the single-lane Bailey bridge that was previously in use.