T&T's Help To Venezuelans Must Be Limited

As Authorities continue to detain Venezuelans who enter this country illegally, Prime Minister Rowley says there is a limit to the help that this country can provide to Venezuelans. Adding, that the nation's doors will remain open to them, but not as wide as before. PM states, if you do not come into our country through a proper port of entry which remains open but we are controlling the flow. If You come in through other areas, you start by breaking the law and if you are here illegally we will deport you.”

Glen Ram Gets 100k Bail

One hundred thousand dollars bail for UNC Councillor and Chairman of the Mayaro/Rio Claro Regional Corporation, Glen Ram. Ram appeared in court Thursday charged with corruptly agreeing to receive a bribe of 15-hundred dollars, and receiving a bribe. According to police, the offences allegedly took place in June last year.

Guaico Presbyterian Pan-Side Needs Help To Travel

Guaico Presbyterian Steel Orchestra, this year's National Junior Panorama Champions, needs your help T&T. They've been invited to perform in Maryland, USA but getting there costs $192,000, and so far, via fundraisers, parents have raised $40,000. Their flight leaves on May 31st. To help you can contact the school at 668-0644.


A trail of destruction in Tobago, as the Tobago Emergency Management Agency was kept busy responding to more than eighty reports of areas impacted by the severe weather. 

Many communities in South Trinidad were busy preparing for the impact Tropical Storm Karen could have brought.

T&T's Tianna Guy will be representing T&T in the Women's equivalent of the tournament which begins on October 3rd.