Opposition Leader Kamla Persad Bissessar is denying claims made in a U-K Guardian reported in 2013 the National Security Council contracted a private firm to set up "a spying system" on people in this country to determine their potential to commit crimes.

To the best of my memory, my recollection, there was no engagement of such a firm by the Government. The name is not familiar to me at all and I have no recollection of any dealings. It is my view that there was no contract given by the Government to this particular firm for any services whatsoever.

The Judicial and Legal Service Commission says Marcia Ayers-Caesar had a professional duty to conclude matters as far as reasonably possible before taking up a High Court Judge position. In a release the JLSC said Ayers-Caesar acted dishonestly.

It said she was called upon to provide a list of all the pending matters she still had before the court but she responded that apart from three "short trial matters" which for reasons beyond her control, could not be completed. Within a reasonably short time, all she had outstanding were a few ‘paper committals’ which could be restarted by another magistrate without incurring undue delay.

Homicide detectives are investigating a murder in Valencia. Police say on Tuesday afternoon, 35-year-old Michael Hackshaw was standing near a car on Claudia Drive, when two masked men shot and killed him. Investigators are describing the killing as a "HIT".

To the weather forecast.  It's currently about 27 degrees Celsius. Today both Trinidad and Tobago can expect sunny conditions interrupted by a few cloudy periods, with light to moderate showers at times. Tonight look out for the odd shower. The high for today will be 34 degrees Celsius in Trinidad and 31°c in Tobago.