Young Visits Registration Centre

Friday remains the last day for the Venezuelan registration process as Government says there won't be an extension. Minister Stuart Young says, “that's why we had an online process as well, so if you were part of the online process, you may be in the system. But those who are not registered, we will take a decision when that time comes. But we can't continue this indefinitely, we said weeks ago what our dates were gonna be, and gave everyone the opportunity. Unfortunately at the beginning it was a bit slow.”

AG Amends Amendment From 90 To 45 Days

There will be no public consultation, but Government has buckled to public pressure and amended the initial, proposed amendments to the Freedom of Information Act. From a proposed 90 days for a public authority to respond to a request for information, that's been trimmed to 45 days, which is still 15 days more than what the law currently stipulates. When denied requests are forwarded to the AG, he now has 30 days to review the request and give final instruction.

‘Dog Rice' Charged With Child Rape

One hundred thousand dollars bail for a Belmont man, accused of raping a developmentally-challenged child. Twenty-two-year-old Isaiah Cain also known as "Dog Rice" is charged with sexual penetration of a 15-year-old girl. Police say, on May 16th, the victim was on her way to school, when she was lured into an abandoned house in Belmont, by a man, who then had sex with her, against her will.


A senior UNC MP is dismissing any concerns about the strength of the unity of the Opposition in the House of Representatives after his fellow MP - Ganga Singh supported the Government's bill on Friday to increase the pensions of the President

The Venezuelan Migrant Registration Process came to an end in Tobago this weekend. Following the two-week exercise, registration continued from approximately 8:00 a.m. on Saturday at the Port Mall in Scarborough,