Weekend Crime

A bloody weekend as four people were murdered, according to police reports. In the first incident, in Diego Martin, on Saturday night, two people were shot dead: 21-year-old, Josanne Ragoonan and 38-year-old, Peter Carrera; both of Tomato Drive. According to neighbours, at around 10.15 pm, they heard someone call out Carrera's name, after which they heard multiple gunshots. The bodies of the couple were later found inside of their home.

Then two hours later, three people, including a woman, were shot along Laventille Road Extension, Morvant. All three were taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex. One of the men succumbed to his injuries.

A fourth homicide was also recorded on Saturday night, when a Maraval man died after being stabbed during a confrontation on Morne Coco Road, Maraval.

PM- No Refugee Camps In T&T

Setting up refugee camps in Trinidad and Tobago for Venezuelans fleeing the South American country is not an option, according to the Prime Minister. Speaking during a political meeting in Five Rivers, Arouca over the weekend. Dr Rowley said he has been approached by members of several international organizations about the possibility, but said he has flatly refused all. He gave the following as his reasons. “For two reasons, those are doors, once you open them, they are very difficult to close. There are refugee camps open in the Middle East, people born inside there; living there; dead in there. They can't close them. We, a country of 1.3 million people, on a little piece of land, Venezuela has a quarter of the continent and 35 million people. We are going to open refugee camps in T&T, what will be our position?”

He also addressed suggestions that the relationship with the United States Government has taken a turn for the worst, because he has failed to recognise Juan Guaido as Venezuela's President.

“We have no war with the United States. We have no fight with the United States. We have very good relations with the United States, and that's why we can say to them, why your approach to the Venezuela situation, we don't agree with it because if you go down that road, it could become disastrous, and Trinidad and Tobago would be in a worse position”.

Debate continues today in Parliament on the Unexplained Wealth Bill, which Dr. Rowley says must be passed to control white collar crime in this country. The Prime Minister told the political meeting in Arouca that crime and corruption are running rampant in this country. He hit out at the opposition, saying that the UNC wants to keep the status quo in check. He called on the country's citizens to ignore the opposition's call, and to support the bill for the sake of the country's future. But the Opposition Leader is warning  that they will  take the Government to court if it goes ahead and passes the Unexplained Wealth Bill without proper Parliamentary debate. Kamla Persad-Bissessar says her party is willing to support any good bill, but she claims the one at hand has too many breaches of fundamental rights, that need to be addressed.


Various Protective Service Divisions from across the country came together for the fifth Police Can Cook event ,,,,