Trinidad and Tobago stands to benefit from 25 million doses of Covid 19 vaccines being distributed by the US across the globe. The announcement was made as the US Vice President spoke with this country's Prime Minister via telephone on the matter. Meanwhile, the US Embassy says the US is not sharing the vaccines to secure favours as China says its donation of vaccines to this country is without any political agendas. Shante Moore - the Chargé d'Affaires for the Embassy said the vaccine donation from the US will be a combination of Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.

The Trinidad and Tobago Police service is categorising as 'Fake News' a report by a member of the business community that the Pfizer vaccine was brought into the country and was being distributed by a private firm. The police said Deputy Commissioner Mc. Donald Jacob contacted the businessman personally, but he was unable to provide any shred of evidence, data, documentation or witness to verify that his claim had any merit. The businessman had referred to the Pfizer shipment on the TV6 Morning Edition Programme on Wednesday.

The COVID-19 death count, in T&T, has yet again seen double digits. As, 14 more people have died as a result of the virus.  The Health ministry says the total number of COVID-related deaths, in T&T now stands at 537. Officials are also reporting 546 new COVID-19 cases. 455 people are now hospitalised. 108 people are in State quarantine and 139 patients are in step-down facilities and 8,677 in home self-isolation.


The Contractors Association is one of the private sector industries to partner with the Ministry of Health regarding the vaccination drive.

A man is ordered to stay away from his niece...

Writer and performer Kyle Hernandez of Trinidad is receiving death threats, following a performance he did on local television station WESN, where he seemed to insult not only Tobagonians but the national bird of the island.

A number of elderly persons in Tobago 60 years and older, who were not registered to be vaccinated, were turned away for a second day at the three health centres on the island.