Former Government Minister Marlene McDonald in custody.

An upset senior counsel Pamela Elder this morning slammed the police for their four day detention of her client former Government Minister Marlene McDonald.

She said because of this McDonald is now warded at the St Clair Medical hospital.

Elder said McDonald could have been released on Sunday night.

"My client is warded here and what has happened is wholly unfortunate and unnecessary because she was charged last night with all those offences and there was no reason whatsover in law that she should have continued to be detained because everything was in place for bail to be secured last night and the reason given by the police officers was that they had not been able to process the other accused and therefore although she had been charged she was forced to remain in police custody and when one considers how long she has been in custody it is bit surprising that she has ended up here this morning," said Elder.

She spoke to the media from her vehicle at 11.30 a.m. after visiting McDonald for about 30 minutes.

Asked if she will write a letter of complaint to Police Commissioner Gary Griffith Elder responded "I will do whatever is necessary because what has happened here should never have happened. From the inception of her arrest she was told there were reasonable grounds to suspect that she had committed certain offences. So if the police had reasonable grounds to suspect then why wait so long to charge? And if after charging why not ensure that the person is released and attend court this morning,".

Asked what was McDonald's ailment Elder said those issues are private.

"You should know that her medical condition is a private matter and you should respect the rights to privacy. She is at present warded under the supervision of her doctors,".

McDonald was supposed to appear before the courts this morning on several corruption related charges.

Charges are expected to be laid against five other people including McDonald’s husband Michael Carew.

The others are Edgar Zephyrine, former head of the National Commission for Self Help and two contractors - Wayne Anthony and Victor McEachrane.

McEachrane is also a director of the Calabar Foundation.

Asked if McDonald will be spending the night at the hospital Elder said "she is at present warded,".

On whether McDonald will attend court today Elder said it will be up to her doctors.

McDonald, who is a diabetic, and her husband were arrested and in police custody since Thursday morning.

There is a police presence at the hospital as a police car was seen parked in front the centre.

An investigating officer made his way into the hospital just minutes after Elder's arrival.


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